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Welcome to Kayla

    In late September 2000, I got a phone call from a woman in Whitehorse who had a problem. She had rescued Kayla, a wolf cross puppy who had been abandoned by a guy on his way home to Alaska. She had developed what appears to have been parvo, and Lori took her to the vet where she was successfully treated. Unfortunately Kayla did not fit into Lori's lifestyle, and she needed to re-home her. I had misgivings about taking on a wolf hybrid, but said I'd foster her until I could find a permanent home for her. That plan lasted about five hours - I called Lori and told her that Kayla's traveling days were over. The photo to the left shows her 4 days after her arrival in Carcross, when she was five months old.

    Kodi also had misgivings about the new arrival, but Kayla quickly won him over as well. To say that she is active would be an understatement - she just never stops!

    Kayla came from a wolf hybrid breeder in Florida - although I take "wolf-cross" claims with a huge grain of salt, her heritage appears to be genuine.

    Wolf or not, she's a lady who enjoys comfort - although she's outgrown the lap-dog stage, there's a spot in front of the woodstove with her name on it, and when it's bedtime, well, a doghouse is okay, but...

The Arctic wolf to the right looks so much like Kayla that it's spooky. This photo is from Robertson's Taxidermy in Yellowknife, NWT.
The photo below shows me with Kodi and Kayla on Tutshi Lake, Yukon, in February 2001.