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Welcome to Kodi

      Here are several photos of this charmer on his way from the Calgary, Alberta area to a new home in the Yukon Territory. He was a year and a half old at this point (May 1999), with all of the exuberance that a young Sibe can muster. The 30-hour, 1,450-mile drive back to Carcross was wonderful! (for both of us, it was obvious)
      His original family had never even heard of a wooly, and weren't prepared for the personality of a Siberian, or for the amount of extra care a wooly takes. They had named him Aspen, but it didn't feel right, so I gave my son the privilege of naming him - so he is now Kodi. His CKC registered name is Madeleine Moon!
      February 2000 upate - Kodi has blossomed from being a insecure, barking pain-in-the-butt to one of the sweetest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting. And he may well be the most-photographed dog in the Yukon as well - tourists go crazy over him, particularly when his head is sticking out of the window of my pickup with YukonAlaska.com on the door!
      When he's not acting as "greeter" for the village of Carcross, Kodi works as a guide at the ExploreNorth Web site. You can see his world "live" on a webcam set up by the human he owns.

Aspen at Steamboat Mountain, Alaska Highway

  Aspen, dirty, happy and tired afer surveying his new domain.
  Notice his lightning-flash blaze!

Aspen's new home in Carcross, Yukon.

Kodi with Steve and Murray, December 1999.

Kodi was born in Alberta on October 25, 1997.
Below, Kodi is at the top right of the litter, flanked by photos of Luna, his mother, and Rigel, his dad.

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