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Hiking & Packing

Getting "Pack" to Nature with Dogs
Yukon writer Darrell Hookey joins Ned Cathers on a pack-dog-supported hike into the wilderness.

Hike With Siberians
April Wood has posted lots of photos of her Siberians packing, and information on how your Sibe can earn WPD and WPDX awards.

How to Tie Knots
Roper's Knots Page gives you access to a huge range of sites which clearly explain the techiniques of this most useful talent.

Skunk Smell Removal
Here's a recipe that will allow your buddy back into the house after he's played with his little striped friend!

Trail Dog
An email discussion group for people who take their dogs on hiking, backpacking, skiing or paddling trips. Discuss equipment, conditioning, trails and other related topics.

Trail Dog "Hiker's Shelter"
The home page for the TrailDog email group has some great photos and lots of related information.

From FAQs to get you started hiking with your dog to patterns for making some of your own gear, there is a lot of information here.

Wolf Packs
Backpacks, collars, leashes and boots "for adventurous dogs," as well as special equipment for assistance dogs.